My reign of terror

I thought I'd start this post wishing good luck to the lads who are kicking around an inflatable orb of air, for the honour of our country. I was going to make this post all about football, but as you can see, I know absolutely nothing about it. So, moving onto a topic that I'm … Continue reading My reign of terror

Why I suck at my job

For most people, summer is about BBQ's, holidays and topping up tans. But for me, it's about working and getting my shit together while I take a break from uni. Fun, right? While this seemed like a good idea at the time, somehow I still haven't saved a penny and I am closer to eternal … Continue reading Why I suck at my job


As in Prologue. Problog. Get it? Nevermind. So, you clicked the link that bought you to this awfully girly, pink site. Well, let me tell you, I’m not here to post in-depth analysis’s (analysi?) of the world, or preach about stuff that matters. No, if I did that, it would give you the idea that … Continue reading ProBlog